Review: Why Xero Wants You To Ditch QuickBooks And Fall In Love With Managing Your Money

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Money management is one of the most important responsibilities small business owners must take care of.

Without the proper management of our money we won’t know what products are profitable, which customers owe us money and how much we owe the IRS – amongst other things.

The tool you use to manage your money is important. Pick the wrong tool and you’ll find a decrease in productivity and you won’t be able to manage your cash flow as well as you should. Pick the right tool and you’ll find that you can work better with your accountant, create intelligent reports to give you insight about your cash flow, manage your money from your mobile phone.

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Xero was created from the ground up for a mobile and cloud based world, it has no legacy as software installed on a computer. Today’s generation of existing business owners and future ones want solutions to power that business that are fast, light weight (yet feature rich), completely accessible on a mobile device and that are easy to use.

Here’s a discussion with Xero USA President Jamie Sutherland about the value of Xero, cloud computing fears and security nightmares. Watch it below or here.

Your Accountant and You

For growing businesses, your accountant and book keeper are important partners. Xero has a powerful set of features, enabling you and your accountant to work better together. For example, right from Xero, you can get help from your accountant. This is a simple feature that can make a big difference in getting you the right help you need, at the right time.

Visualize Your Money Flow

It can be hard to always understand the nuances of your money flow. Xero works hard to provide a simple dashboard to to give a you quick snap shot of what’s most important in regard to your money.  How much money is coming in, how much money is going out and what money is in your accounts.

Xero Dashboard

Bank Reconciliation Is No Longer A Pain

Do you enjoy reconciling your bank accounts? I sure don’t. Xero has invested a lot of time to understand the best way for you to reconcile your bank account.  With one click you can easily reconcile your bank’s records and Xero’s records to ensure your accounts are always up to date. Xero makes it so easy to manage your bank reconciliation that some business owners manage their banking on their phone.

Bank Reconciliation


Powerful integration and growth

While Xero by itself is powerful awesome, what’s even more impressive is that it integrates with a growing list of over  350 other business apps like Square, ZenPayroll and Constant Contact, allowing for a seamless and customized business solution.

Furthermore, Xero does not limit the number of users that can use it. So as your company grows, Xero grows with you.

Is Xero Built To Last

It’s important to know if the company powering your business will be around for the long term. With over 340,000 paying customers, $200 Million in the bank and investments from the like of PayPal found Peter Thiel, Xero is a strong company. It’s not a very young company, still in a “garage”, but it’s a mature company with the breadth and scale of services to serve your small business.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Why Xero Wants You To Ditch QuickBooks And Fall In Love With Managing Your Money

  1. sean

    I listened to the entire video hoping I would learn how Zero is different than QuickBooks Online. Tim, are you aware that QuickBooks has an online product? If not, you should research that stuff before an interview or you come across as biased.

    • Ramon Ray

      Sean thanks for taking the time to write! As I understand it, Xero is going after quickbooks desktop market and of course those small businesses not using any accounting solution

      • sean

        Right but Intiut is also trying to get businesses to convert off their QuickBooks desktop version to their cloud-based accounting solution, QuickBooks Online. In your interview with Zero’s CEO, you didn’t acknowledge that QuickBooks Online exists nor did you ask him how it’s different from Zero. They appear very similar but I’d like to hear the CEO’s pitch.


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