Unraveling the Complexities of Small Business Legal Matters: Video from Wix Small Biz Breakfast

wixpost copySmall business owners usually begin their new ventures with a creative idea and a passionate desire to bring that idea to life. Of course these are essential ingredients to small business success, but you can be doomed for failure if you don’t consider those other nagging issues that may block your way – legal matters. Recently, Wix held a Small Biz Breakfast to help unravel the complexities of small business legal matters.

Smart entrepreneurs take the time to educate themselves in these legal issues before moving forward, often speaking to lawyers who deal specifically with business law. One such lawyer is Christine Wong, a New York City lawyer with over ten years of experience in commercial litigation, including working with small businesses and startups in areas such as contract negotiation, investor financing, and acquisitions.

Christine joined host Ramon Ray at a Wix Small Business Breakfast to discuss small business legal matters. The discussion included three main areas:

  • Partnerships
  • Return policies
  • Updated documents

There was also a question and answer session where audience members could get answers to their own legal questions regarding starting or running a small business.

This special Wix Small Business Breakfast session was recorded and is now available as a 46 minute YouTube video. Whether you currently run a small business, or are thinking of staring one, you’ll definitely find this discussion of legal matters helpful. Click the button below to watch the video, or view it directly on YouTube by going here.

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