Yext, Square, Infusionsoft and more…Big Companies Love Small Business

big company small businessDear small business owner, you are HOT stuff and big companies are INVESTING a lot of money to sell you solutions that will help grow your company even more.

As a champion of small business success it’s really amazing the FIGHT that big companies are having over small businesses – whichever big company “wins or loses” – small businesses will win.

Here’s a quick and dirty run down of some recent big company – small business movements.

Yext manages local and other online marketing for small businesses. They’ve just hired a CFO show specializes in IPOs, reports Crain’s.

Square got $150 million to help it get more little white credit card swipes into the small business market (and more of course). Also reports Crain’s

Yesterday, Infusionsoft announced a $55 Million investment lead by Bain (we reported on this yesterday)

GoDaddy is acquiring businesses and building a solid foundation to build a suite of small business services and recently launched a new set of advertising.

PayPal is going to split from eBay and PayPal is VERY focused on the small business marketing – providing not just credit card transaction solutions but also lines of credit.

Alibaba is going to make huge waves to steal the eCommerce market from Amazon and others. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder says it in this Bloomberg video

Microsoft is betting a LOT on ensuring Office 365 is the platform of choice for small businesses and continues to strengthen it’s partner network.

Who else should I add to the list? Use the comments below…


3 thoughts on “Yext, Square, Infusionsoft and more…Big Companies Love Small Business

  1. Nick Keyko

    Hey Ramon. You definitely need to add Jobber to your list. Jobber field service management software enables modern service businesses to be mobile, organized & efficient. Unlike pen and paper (which so many small businesses still rely on), Jobber connects the field to the office with intuitive scheduling, online invoicing, and easy customer management.

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