10 Digital Marketing Channels to Keep an Eye On

digital marketingWhat do you think will be the next big digital marketing channel and why?

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1. Amazon

Brian HonigmanAs content marketing continues to drive results for businesses trying to reach their audience, it’ll become more common for organizations to produce their own books for distribution on Amazon. As one of the largest eCommerce destinations to date, Amazon offers your business an opportunity to get discovered in front of a new audience likely interested in your offerings.

– Brian HonigmanBrianHonigman.com

2. Influencer Marketing

James SimpsonInternet users are growing numb to the common digital marketing techniques, such as banners, that have been used for years. However, they are increasingly listening to influencers on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Because of this, these influencers will increasingly be able to facilitate highly effective campaigns for all types of industries.

– James SimpsonGoldFire Studios

3. Online TV Sites

Jon ClineGoodbye cable television, you just don’t make sense anymore, especially when I can watch any episode of South Park on Hulu. I have a dozen friends in the last two months who have switched from cable to a smart TV subscription, and they are so much happier. The commercials are even better than the junk you see on cable because you help determine what kind of commercials you are interested in.

– Jon ClineRokit SEO

4. Reddit

Firas KittanehWith $50 million in fresh funding, the community-oriented platform is well positioned to change how regular people interact with digitalcontent and how brands build communities by effectively engaging consumers. Reddit is not the most brand-safe environment, but it is one that holds a lot of potential for marketers due to its super loyal audience.

– Firas KittanehAmerisleep

5. Pinterest

josh weissOnce Pinterest rolls out their targeted ad platform it could be a huge channel. Pinterest users spend more than users of any other social network, and the visual natural of it makes it perfect for native advertising.

– Josh WeissBluegala

6. Podcasts

Basha RubinThe next big thing is already here. I think we’ll see a comeback of an earlier media form: podcasts. As on-demand content becomes more niche and podcasts became more accessible and shareable, I forecast that this channel will see a huge growth in listeners.

– Basha RubinPriori Legal

7. Earned Social

brewsterSocial marketing has oscillated between hero and whipping boy for much of the past five years, but the best is yet to come. While there have been tremendous advances in paid social within the past year, earned remains the single greatest untapped opportunity. As brands start to see social as word of mouth, they will learn the importance of driving organic sharing and the value that comes with it.

– Brewster StanislawInside Social

8. Live-Streaming Platforms

Stanley MeytinWith the demise of cable subscriptions and the rise of streaming video content, the next big digital marketing channels are likely to be the live streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. An increasing number of people will likely use them for their video needs and as a result, businesses can reach various members of their target audience by marketing on these platforms.

– Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production

9. Instagram

David TomasI think Instagram will soon be the next big thing as it appeals to companies interested in reaching targets through high investments. Up to now, Instagram hasn’t managed to reach the same levels of popularity in terms of marketing campaigns as its counterparts Facebook and Twitter. But thanks to increased geo-positioning, the site could potentially provide a huge boost to local advertising.

– David TomasCyberclick

10. LINE

Cassie PetreyPretty much everyone has a mobile messaging application on their phone these days. However, LINE is the only one of these applications that is currently setup in a way where businesses can utilize the platform from a marketing perspective. I see this becoming an integral way public figures and brands communicate with their audience in the near future.

– Cassie PetreyCrowd Surf

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    Had never even heard of Reddit or Line. Mind. Blown. Excited to see what adding these to my company’s marketing repertoire does to our traffic and conversion rates. Thanks for the info.


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