What Are 5 Trends Optimistic Small Business Have? Survey Says…

OptimismWe hear all the time how important passion is for small business success. Clate Mask, Infusionsoft speaks about this frequently, as do so many other leaders of entrepreneurial success. However, passions not all that will take your business to the next level – you also have the ability to execute. Success small business entrepreneurs know this as well.

A survey released today by Capital One says that small businesses are optimistic about these five areas in 2015.

Hiring, marketing, reducing costs, and overall growth. Here’s a bit more information from the survey:

Businesses are focused on improving marketing and reducing costs in 2015

13% of business owners list improving margins through better cash and financial management processes as their top business resolution in 2015

Marketing strategies will be a focus for many companies in 2015

26% of business owners plan to invest more in online advertising

28% are planning to spend more on social media

Businesses are planning to grow and invest in workforces, but retirement is not a top priority

More than 25% of small business employers expect to hire in the coming year

46% of respondents plan to increase employee wages and salaries in 2015

33% expect to increase investment in employee training in the coming year

Only 24% of small business owners currently offer retirement plans for their employees – the same percentage that offered plans a year ago


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