7 Great Mobile Apps for Conferences

mobile app for conferencesWhat is your favorite mobile app to use at business conferences in order to meet and network with other attendees and why?

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1. LinkedIn

Brian HonigmanLinkedIn allows me to review the profile of both new and existing connections to ensure I’ve got a stronger context for what they’ve been up to lately in their professional life. This better prepares me for a potential conversation. When it comes to new contacts, LinkedIn gives me an opportunity to better identify the right people to reach out to as I’m in transit to an event.

– Brian HonigmanBrianHonigman.com

2. Facebook

josh weissEveryone is on Facebook and it’s a quick and easy way to connect and chat with anyone you meet at a conference.

– Josh WeissBluegala

3. DoubleDutch

Aaron SchwartzDoubleDutch is a data-driven event management app. Once you go to a conference that uses the tool, you’ll be frustrated by anything else. They allow attendees to do basics like navigate the agenda, but they also make it much easier to interact with your fellow attendees during and after your event.

– Aaron SchwartzModify Watches

4. Twitter

Andy KaruzaTwitter is so open, and it’s easy to follow people when you’re having a conversation with them. Furthermore, you can meet people digitally and turn it into a real meetup while at the same event. To do this, just follow the event’s hashtag twitter stream. Most people at the event will use that hashtag when they’re tweeting and it will make it easy to find the people you want to meet.

– Andy KaruzaGossip App

5. Bindle

Tarek PertewBindle is just incredibly simple. You create a chatroom around an event and hop on in to discuss panels, attendee interactions, companies, etc.

– Tarek PertewWakefield Media

6. Camera

Joshua LeeWhen I make a real connection I ask to snap their photo. If they ask why, I say, “Because I want to put a face with the name.” Even better, I ask someone to take our photo together. Then I can email or snail mail them a greeting card with our photo. This builds a powerful bond so much faster than the usual networking spiel. The “together photo” is even more powerful with industry titans.

– Joshua LeeStandOut Authority

7. JumpScan

Andrew SchrageJumpScan lets you create a QR code that includes all of your pertinent contact data and social networking information, which you can share with other professionals you meet at business conferences.

– Andrew SchrageMoney Crashers Personal Finance

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