Holiday Free Shipping Battle: Target Takes on Amazon and Why Your Business Should Care

HACKENSACK - JULY 11: Shoppers walk past a Target department stoAs the holiday season approaches, both brick and mortar and online retailers are looking for every advantage they can get to secure their piece of the sales pie. For small businesses, this can be a huge task as the big dogs, like Amazon, Target, Walmart and others, dominate sales due to their size. But, even the big dogs are battling and small businesses should be taking note so they can use some the same tactics in their market to find sales success.

I recently wrote and article, “Target Takes On Amazon With Free Shipping This Holiday Season: What Your Business Should Know“, for the Endicia Savvy Shipper blog. In the article I share a number of ways that Target is battling Amazon to take a piece of the sales pie. What’s great, though, is that many of these same tactics can be used by small business retailers, both online and brick and mortar, to increase their sales.

Take a look at the article and let us know how you can impart these tactics in your small business and find holiday success.

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