IHOP Tweets Are Hip But Small Business Should Focus On Value To Your Audience.

ihop tweets 2

Advertising Week wrote a story about how IHOP got real cute with its Tweets and was using more “hip” language to attract a younger audience. Granted, I’m over 40 (maybe old by some) and overall have never been into “pop culture” so I don’t know what most (or any) of the words that IHOP used in its Tweets mean. Furthermore, I do applaud them for using words that their target audience get excited about – like fleek.

However, my CAUTION to us small businesses, is don’t try to be cute with your Tweets or any other online content. Know what your audience wants and provide value to them. Don’t try to be cute, use slang and be HIP if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Be true to your brand voice, provide intense value to your audience and you’ll be fine.

IHOP is a zillion dollar company and can afford to hire a fancy brand agency to guide it into experiments like this. For the sake of your time and money, just remember FREE.





That’s the four word secret to social success.

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