New Electronic Signature Option from Citrix Boosts Productivity and Helps Go Paperless

electronic signatureWorking and doing business remotely just got a little easier with the new Citrix acquisition of RightSignature. The recent Citrix announcement informed us that RightSignature will be integrated with Citrix ShareFile to enable electronic signatures of important digital documents.

Citrix ShareFile is a system that allows you to collaborate with team members and business partners through file sharing that meets strict data security requirements. Many of our most important business documents require signatures, and with the addition of RightSignature, you will be able to share these documents with your workers and clients, who can review the information, sign electronically, and then store the signed document in the original ShareFile folder.

The video below provides an explanation of how the process works.

If you haven’t used e-signatures before, you should know that they are perfectly legal. In the E-Sign Act of 2000, the United States government declared that electronic signatures have the same legal weight as handwritten signatures. Since that time they have taken off in the business world, particularly in industries where signatures are commonly required, such as accounting, financial services, healthcare and insurance.

There are many benefits of electronic signatures, starting with an increase in productivity. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of printing, faxing, scanning and filing paper documents – instead you can simply share a file and get a returned copy with electronic signature in minutes. Electronic signatures also help your business go paperless, creating an organized digital filing system and reducing your environmental impact.

Recently Ramon Ray of Small Biz Technology and SmartHustle magazine conducted an interview regarding Citrix’s aquisition of RightSignature. You can listen to the audio interview by clicking play below.

So is the Citrix ShareFile electronic signature option, RightSignature, right for your business? That’s up to you to decide, but if you want to increase your office productivity then this is definitely something to consider, and if you are transitioning to a paperless office, electronic signatures are an absolute must. The following video may also help you decide, as it demonstrates how one accounting firm uses Citrix ShareFile and RightSignature to streamline the signature process.

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