PC World: Startups, Not Big Companies, Hold a Lock on Technology Support Services

lights-disruptionPC World writes how it’s startups, not big companies who have the upper hand and best chance of success in the tech services sector.

My input to the article was:

Ramon Ray is a small business and technology evangelist and the publisher of Smart Hustle magazine. Ray sees the DT trend similarly, acknowledging that in the coming years, “startups will be faster and nimble,” and “Big companies will have to adopt.” As the relationship shifts in favor of more agile young companies, Ray notes that “Big companies will no longer hold a lock on their core services… Startups will work with big companies to fulfill bigger projects.”

And company size can play a significant role in one thing that startups do extraordinarily well – innovating. Their size allows them to change and experiment with new tools without burning through too much money on infrastructure and retraining, and allows them to choose the methods that work best for their team on the fly.

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