Remember: Think Before You Click. Most Hackers Still Using Email Scams To Steal Your Data

think before you clickI just HAD to remind you, THINK before you CLICK. Remember, most attacks on your computer are not coming through some fancy hacker, dropping through your chimney like a Tom Cruise movie.

According to Trend Micro these attacks are delivered by email, millions of emails and attackers just have a numbers game and hope that a small percentage of folks click the link they send.

Read the Trend Micro report here.

To protect yourself.

  • THINK before you click on a link sent to you via email.
  • Ensure your computer has serious anti-virus, anti-malware security software installed on your computer
  • Your computer network must have security software properly installed
  • FULLY backup your files and programs and test recovery
  • Train your employees to THINK before they click

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