Stop Trying To Create Viral Videos. Focus on Information, Engagment and Frequency

YouTube-Broadcast-Your-BrandThere’s a small number of videos that go “viral”, compared to the billions of videos online that are NOT going viral. Instead of trying to make a viral video, which is hard to do, just focus on creating video that’s informative, engaging and that comes out frequently.

The most important things in video production are to ensure folks can SEE you (so have good lighting) and that they can HEAR you, so have good audio.

Google had a meeting of its partners and spoke about this, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Digital super star Gary Vaynerchuk’s story is that he did over 100 (I think way more) videos of the Wine Library before it started gaining traction. Gary’s videos followed these rules – informative (all about wine), engaging (it’s Gary – what do you think?) and frequent.

Want to succeed in video marketing? Stop TRYING to be viral – just focus on your audience.

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