Zipmark Buys WorkingPoint. Here’s 3 Reasons Why It Matters. Bill Payment Marries Financial Management Solution.

zipmark-workingpointZipmark, an awesome service enabling bank to bank payments recently  bought WorkingPoint, an awesome service that provides bookkeeping, tax reporting, inventory and expense management to small businesses.

One of my “vendors” uses Zipmark to enable me to pay her immediately – from my bank to hers.

Zipmark, for businesses, competes head on with PayPal and other payment solutions. WorkingPoint provides invoicing,  and a business dashboard that allows our users to quickly gauge the state of their finances

This purchase is important for a few reasons:

  • Zipmark – can now offer YOU and its existing customers more services – through WorkingPoint (and vice versa)
  • Point online payment solutions such as PayPal must consider upping their game to provide  more all in one solutions to customers.
  • WorkingPoint’s founder is an Intuit alumnus, and Zipmark’s founder Jay Bhattacharya, CEO sold one of his earlier businesses to Intuit.

Point solutions, which provide ONE solution to their customers are “good” but integrated solutions, providing a suit of services are much better for you business – integration is the word of the day.

Are you using several different point solutions? Is it time to use more integrated, all in one solutions?

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