4 Ways Technology Can Simplify Your Office Holiday Party Planning

hoilday party planningLove it or hate it, ‘tis the season for office holiday parties! As if you didn’t have enough on your to-do list to handle, you’re office is now tasked with putting together a party plan, choosing a location, time, food, getting everybody on board, and many other necessary duties associated with holiday party planning.

Holiday party planning is a huge project even for small businesses, and if you’re not careful it can draw everybody off task from their regular daily duties. To keep worker productivity up and to handle things more efficiently, it’s useful to consider technology options that can help your party planning venture.

In a recent Nextiva article, our own Ramon Ray shared suggestions of various apps and technology offerings that can make your holiday party planning a success. Before you do things the old fashioned way (i.e. slow and inefficient), take a look at the article to discover some technology that can make holiday party planning simple this year.

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