5 Inspiring Words From Daymond John @TheSharkDaymond – #SharkTank

Daymond with Ramon @ #ICON14

Daymond with Ramon @ #ICON14

Yeah, I know this is a “tech blog”, however, I was recently in a room with Daymond John. He was advising some business owners, as part of project with Infusionsoft. There’s five things he said during his conversation that I wanted to share with you.

If you keep giving to people, they invest in you.

What this means to me: Selfish people, people who TAKE, will always wonder why people aren’t giving to them. It’s better to give and then give some more. Offer VALUE first and you’ll have a customer for life.

Every soft sell should have 3 no sells.

What this means to me: When you ask someone to buy from you, even if’ it’s a soft sell, make sure you give them (at least) 3 things. Don’t always sell – give too.

With marketing automation software, CRM, the world is open to you

What this means to me: CRM, such as Infusionsoft, is the way to take the marketing in your business to another level. Just emailing, Tweeting and blogging is not enough. You must capture leads, educate those leads to a sale, and then wow them until they buy more and refer business to you.

If you know how, you’ll have a job. If you know why you’ll be the boss.

What this mans to me: Those who are trained how to do something will always be employed. That’s good. But those who know what motivates people and know the strategy behind something will be leaders and creators – the boss.

You’re not selling new things, you’re selling emotion.

What this means to me: Very few of us get lucky enough to create something entirely new. Instead we often take what’s old and make it better and/or sell it in new ways. Uber, it’s just a “digital” do it yourself dispatch system. The iPhone, it’s a build off of the phone (sure a new design) but really selling COOL and HIP as well.

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