Can European Email Marketing Service, Mailify, Beat MailChimp and Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is by far the biggest and most well known email marketing company. Mailchimp leads in “cool” and neat features, while Deluxe’s Vertical Response is a serious contender in this market as well. There so many more email service providers such as Emma, Feedblitz (Favored by Seth Godin) and others.

In the past few months and more are coming there’s many new email marketing service providers giving the leaders in email marketing new competition.

From Europe hails the newest entrant, Mailify. Mailify has a fresh new interface and features that a modern email marketing service should have, and a few advanced features that would make even MailChimp blush.


While it’s big focus is on ensuring your emails look great on mobile devices, there is more. But one heart stopping detraction for me is that you have to install it on your computer – from what I can tell it’s not cloud based. Ouch.

Mailify and new email marketing services, such as Robly, don’t have to “beat” Constant Contact and Mailchimp, they simply have to be good enough to do two things a) attract the dissatisfied users of these services and b) attract users who are now to email marketing.

From Mailify’s press release:

  • Geolocation: Pinpoint your reader’s location throughout the world and track opens, clicks and even the reach of your newsletter on social media, including Google Analytics integration
  • Streamlined Interface: From the first time you open the responsive email marketing software, you’ll know what to do and how to get there
  • A/B Split Testing: Find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your subject lines, content, and more
  • Template Creation: Short on time? Drag & drop EmailBuilder guides users through a simple drag and drop responsive email template design process – no HTML knowledge needed
  • Freemium: Download and test drive the responsive email marketing software for free before making a decision – with a whopping 5,000 complimentary email credits to start

Mailify also includes other smart design features within its comprehensive email marketing software such as multi-language capabilities; email domain address autocorrect to catch data entry typos – avoiding bounce backs to save money on extraneous send-credits, improve email campaign deliverability rates, and reduce spam risk; traceable results that track opens, clicks and even the social reach of your responsive email newsletter, and more. The email marketing software’s user-friendly interface offers the convenience of Cloud technology to easily stock images and quickly collaborate and share files with others, while the availability of live interactive human support ensures users can hit the ground running – and never look back.

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