Is Your Content Marketing So Good You Stop The Scroll? @GaryVee Asks.

Gary Vaynerchuk, at a recent event with Dave Ramsey and Seth Godin, and said on #AskGaryVee (Gary’s Youtube show), Gary said your content should be good enough to stop the scroll.

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When people are on their phones flicking through their social posts, emails and other content – what do they stop on?What do they keep scrolling past?

Your content must be created for the 2″ cell phone screen and also for the 21″ computer screen.

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By “content” – I’m not just referring to Instagram posts, but I’m also referring to your blog, email newsletter, web site and everything else.

Ask yourself, is your content so compelling that YOUR TRIBE (thank you Seth Godin), your AUDIENCE, STOP and read it – or do they keep going past?

There is so much noise and information overload that your content must be GOOD ENOUGH, it must serve your audience and cause them to STOP SCROLLING and pay attention to your content.

I stopped to observe this in action one day and decided to make a video about it…

10 ways have compelling content that will #StopTheScroll

  1. Know what your tribe, your audience wants
  2. Don’t be self centered -it’s NOT about you – it’s about them
  3. Use imagery and visuals to attract attention
  4. Keep things simple
  5. Don’t feel you have to “create new content” share other good content
  6. Survey your audience and ask them what they like
  7. Review your analytics to know what’s trending for YOU
  8. Be creative – look for meaning in life and all around you
  9. Use your customer as a foundation for a story. Maybe your product is boring, but your CUSTOMERS are using it in amazing ways
  10. Don’t feel you have to ALWAYS publish content. Instead of Tweeting every second, what about just 2 or 3 times a day – if it’s relevant and useful.

Tweet: Is Your Content Good Enough To #StopTheScroll? Asks @GaryVee ? 10 Tips To Better Content -

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