Facebook Restricts “Salesy” Posts In 2015. 4 Things Small Businesses Can Do About Facebook Marketing Challenges

Facebook AdvertisingThe Wall Street Journal reports that in 2015 Facebook will restrict the commercial posts Facebook allows on pages. Understandably, Facebook needs and wants to generate more and more revenue. While this move WILL affect all businesses, especially small businesses, there’s several things small business owners can do.

Invest in paid advertising – there’s nothing wrong with investing in paid advertising. Most of the “viral” campaigns you see and other awareness campaigns came about because companies spent MONEY on advertising. Don’t just spend money without measuring the results of the campaign and ensuring you are getting results.

Use direct marketing to reach your customers and prospects – ensure your web site, blog and email marketing are in to top shape. Ensure they LOOK good and that the CONTENT is good and indeed SERVES your audience. Invest in small business sales and marketing  software, like Infusionsoft, to power you business. Also remember, search engines are indexing the “world wide web” for free – sot he more great content you have online the more chances there are for you to be found.

Invest in SEO – SEO is an expertise and while there are many lousy SEO scam artists out there, there are many good ones. Like my friends at Ajax Union and others. An SEO specialist can help fine tune your content to ensure it’s at the top of search engine rankings.

Video is amazing – start doing video to build your branding in a much more personal way. You can do it on your own or hire a video marketing expert like my friends at Multi Vision Digital.

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