Founder of Ugg Must Read Book “The Birth of a Brand”. Ultimate Small Business Growth Guide.

Brian Smith is one of the most humble, smartest and un-assuming business executives you’ll ever meet. When he spoke at the 9th Annual Small Business Summit in New York City you could feel the electricity in the air as he connected with everyone in the audience.

Brian shared his real world experience of helping to build a billion dollar company, Ugg boots and selling it.

Hi book, The Birth of a Brand, takes Brian’s experiences and brings them to life for you to read at your leisure.

There’s no need for me to write more about the book, you can read all the details on . Once you buy the book, check out Brian’s web site to book Brian to speak at your next event.

What will you learn?

Real life experiences of how he harvested the amazing power available to everyone, and utilized it to emerge from fear and live a life of joy and abundance (most of the time, because he’s not done yet!).

How to overcome doubt and impatience in such a natural way that you can get back to enjoying the dream of self -sufficiency that began your own journey.

the birth of a brand

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