Are You Missing Some ‘Gimme’ Putts with Your Branding?

What do NASCAR drivers and professional golfers have in common (not counting the occasional huge payday)?
They have both become walking billboards. It may be slightly more subtle with the golfers than with the drivers, but virtually every item of clothing they wear has some company’s logo emblazoned on it. (By the way, their caddies are getting in on the action as well.)

They may be wearing a Titleist hat, Foot-Joy shoes and have the terrain on their sweaters divided between Chrysler (logo on front) and Fairway & Greene (logo on sleeves). Of course, their caddies will be lugging oversized golf bags that scream Taylor Made or the name of some other elite manufacturer while they’re handing their pro a bottle of Gatorade.

What do all of these companies know that we can benefit from? The lesson is simple: They recognize the power of their brand and never overlook an opportunity to promote them. If we follow their lead, we will learn to promote our brands from “head to toe.”

With that said, I doubt that many of us will rush home and start sewing appliques of our company’s logo or business name into our clothes the way our moms used to sew name tags into our underwear before we headed off to summer camp. However, I’m certain that many of us are missing some easy opportunities – “gimmes” in the golf world – to do some branding. Let’s start online.

Email signatures.

Does your company have a beautifully designed logo that is part of every email signature? If so, that’s a good start, but can you do more? How about including a link to your most important social media marketing page? By the way, some companies are adding so much legalese to their email footers that they are painful to see. I’m not a lawyer but if you can avoid this, please do.

Your 404 page.

Some businesses tweak their 404 page – that’s the error page where visitors to your site land when they click on a dead link – but just as many leave it alone and few make it memorable. Getting back to the golf examples I used to start this article, Titleist has a great 404 page. It’s humorous, complements their brand and is also very useful for visitors.


We use autoresponders in a variety of ways today. Often we set them up when we go on vacation. Other applications are when help center requests are filed or orders placed. Be sure these are formatted nicely and try to make them brief but at the same time pleasant and useful.


Do you ship products? If your packaging doesn’t build your brand, you’re missing a major opportunity. Consider the simple Amazon “smile” logo. Every time we see it, it reinforces the Amazon brand. At the very least it tells us that yet another piece of merchandise was order and delivered from Amazon. Imagine the loss to Amazon if their packaging didn’t include their logo.

As you consider the possibilities, I want you to think beyond logos and company names. Your business has a brand identity that includes a culture and personality. Expressing those attributes is perhaps the most important part of building your brand and it will be different for every business. For example, I heard of one woman who kept an ancient receipt from an outdoor clothing store in her purse because she loved the quote that was printed at the bottom:

“Success seems to be largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.”
Well, she had held on to this receipt for something like five years, so I think that definitely counts as “success”…at least for the outdoor clothing store.

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