New Service, “Leads”,Help Small Business Reward Raving Customers and Fans

Just about every business thinks they need to use social media in some way. Just about every business knows how to pick up their phone and “send a Tweet”. However, there’s very few businesses who can point to a direct correlation between their social marketing and sales or any other brand life.

A new service, “Leads” from  lets you make an offer, identify your most raving customers who are promoting that offer and then reward them.

According to’s press release:

Restaurant owners, for example, can pick out regular customers who have shared a photo of a dish and offer them free drinks if they bring friends. Indie music artists can approach the audience who shared videos from their concert. Boutique hotels can offer happy hour specials for relevant tweets posted from their lobbies, and retail boutiques can offer discounts to shoppers posting about their new outfit purchase. This kind of interaction builds a direct relationship between the business owner and their individual customer, thereby improving on the conversion rates of less targeted outreach efforts like online advertising, email marketing, or Facebook campaigns.


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