vCita Offers Service Businesses Simple Scheduling and Payment Solutions.

calendarWhile big companies make it easy for their customers to schedule and pay online – it’s at times not that easy for smaller businesses to do so. However, vCita has a powerful and simple solution that makes it easy for businesses who rely on scheduling and payments to implement these options.

Here’s a list of some of the features that vCita offers.

One-Click Pay Now: An online payment form easily added to any web page or embedded within an email campaign. Clients can effortlessly make a payment and get an email confirmation once processed without leaving the website, while businesses easily track outstanding and completed payments.

Advanced Scheduling: Enable clients to schedule a consultation, an appointment or request a service in-sync with you or your staff’s availability. Advanced Scheduling allows businesses to set aside blocks of time for travel, buffers between client meetings or a call—or add a scheduled break into the day, helping to avoid appointment fatigue and overlap. Businesses can also set the schedule to reflect different service offerings on selected days and hours for maximum flexibility.

File Sharing: Easy and convenient online file sharing tracks and records the life of the document in the vCita contact management software, and notifies the receiving party of availability via email or on the next visit through the LiveSite invite. Documents can be shared and viewed on the go, on any device, anywhere.

Email Templates: Automate coordination, reminders and follow-up emails. New email templates will now give greater flexibility and branding options with a design that reflects the business’ brand, color palette and logo. The templates are mobile-enabled with an html email template or a text-only version that works with any smartphone.

Extended Language Support: Offer users the ability to work in native French or Spanish, creating a seamless communication flow between clients and the business.

The vCita LiveSite Web Engagement Platform gives small businesses and their clients a streamlined way to connect and communicate through the web, mobile, social and email. The platform currently serves more than 100,000 businesses globally with an innovative offering that provides a self-service online portal, enabling businesses to create direct interactions with a client base and drive loyalty through online communication and customer-focused activities.

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