How to Write Marketing Copy That Gets the Results You Want [VIDEO]


Writing engaging and informative marketing copy for your business can be a struggle. Finding the right words that convey who you are, what you do and target your ideal client can be a challenge. At the 2014 Small Business Summit, Jean Tang, founder of MarketSmiths – a creative copywriting agency located in Brooklyn – shared tips and strategies on how to write marketing copy that gets the results you want for your business.

Jean says, “copy is a story.” Using text is one of the most fundamental ways to understand and sell by guiding, informing and captivating your audience.  However, there has been a trend with companies being unable to explain who they are and what they do without being bland.  Jean argues that people are always interesting so their copy should be too. Make the copy for your business useful and motivating, not boring and misleading.

As Jean moves through her presentation, she goes over the most common order of copy, and sharing how the standard format can often set yourself up to bore your audience. As she continues, she shares examples of work that have been changed from bland and boring to detailed and intriguing.  To achieve this for your copy, she shares these 7 tips:

  1. Value sits in the future. Don’t worry about defining yourself on the page, that sits in the past.
  2. Humanize.  No matter who your are marketing to, your copy is meant for humans, full of feelings and emotions.
  3. Turn your voice outward to your reader. Let your reader know what’s in it for them.
  4. Do a real exploration of differentiators. If 50% or more of your competitors are likely to say the same thing, take advantage of the opportunity to go deeper and make your copy stand out.
  5. Make it tangible. Figure out a way that you can show what you do, not tell them. 
  6. Stick your neck out. You don’t always have to be traditional, make it enticing and make it unique.
  7. Don’t go for emotion. Go for more, make it spiritual and go for their soul.

To put these tips to life, Jean asks attendees of the 2014 Small Business Summit to volunteer to share their site while she shows them how they can spice up their content to “sing for their supper”.

Watch the full video here to see what Jean has to say about the volunteer’s sites, or simply watch below.

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