Modern Technology Debunks Small Business Myths

image 1There are a whole lot of small business myths out there that are just no longer true in today’s technologically advanced world. In order to debunk these myths, I’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create a series of videos that will help educate and inform small business owners.

What kind of myths are we talking about? Well, myths like:

  • Upgrading to new technology is too expensive.
  • Only big companies need to invest in data security
  • Employees are only productive when in the office

None of these statements are true in today’s world and we’re going to show you why!

Let’s start with ‘Employees are only productive when in the office’. While many years ago that might have been true, today it’s not even close to being factual. From annoying co-workers, to the endless echo of ringing office phones, there are so many situations that can be distracting to an employee when working in the office.

Ready to see what I mean? Check out the first video in the series I created with Microsoft, as we take a fun approach to debunking the myth and proving how you can be more productive working outside the office.

image 2


With today’s mobile and cloud technology, businesses have the opportunity to be more mobile, more agile and less docile! Keeping employees connected by allowing them to access files and documents that they need with a simple wi-fi connection allows them to function in almost any environment.

In fact, case studies show that working across multiple platforms increases productivity by 30-40%. With cloud and remote support technology, employees can keep up to date with the latest software upgrades and synchronization of files.

So, don’t get distracted by random chatter, useless conversations and interruptive co-workers. Instead, allow yourself to work in the office without actually being in office by collaborating and working virtually and in real time.

Check out the video HERE to see how you can use modern technology to be more productive working outside the office.

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