New Service Return Saver Offers a Solution to Online Shopping Returns

online shopping returnsWith all the advantages of online shopping, returns are an inconvenience that just won’t seem to go away. Some businesses offer solutions such as in-store returns for items purchased online, or free returns paid by the business itself. However many businesses don’t have a physical store, and free returns are not financially possible for most small business online retailers. As a result, the cost of returns often gets pushed onto the customer.

With current online shopping levels and the projected growth, it would seem that customers don’t really mind online shipping returns – that is, until they actually have to return something and find that the cost of return shipping has eaten away at the cost savings they got from buying online. Seeing that the problem of online shopping returns needs a real answer, a new service has offered a solution to customers who need to return items they bought online.

The service is called Return Saver, and for a relatively small yearly fee, customers can access unlimited returns at no cost.

Want to know more about Return Saver? Ramon Ray recently wrote a review of the service, including the benefits, down sides, and the impact it has on small businesses. To read more about this innovative service for online shopping returns – and how it may impact you – check out his article titled ‘Where Is Return Shipping Headed?’ on the Endicia Savvy Shipper blog.

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