How Retailers and Small Businesses Can Grow With Less [Video]

Jason Richelson - LeanRetailers

In the past ten years, the functionality of work offices has changed drastically.  Gone are the days of notebooks and filing cabinets and here are the days of cloud computing and using new technology and apps to run your business.  In this presentation from the 2014 Small Business Summit, Jason Richelson, founder of ShopKeep, gives us the ins and outs of using cloud computing for your business.

What is cloud computing?  In simple terms, Jason explains that cloud computing is taking your server or database and putting it in a cloud service center. The software is then accessed through a web browser where it automatically fixes any issues, installs updates and constantly adds new features.

Check out the full video of Jason’s presentation here, or simply watch below.

To help manage back office management, Jason shares how all of your day-to-day activities can be managed through your computer.  For example, with applications like Evernote and ScanSnap Scanners, you can get rid of those bulky filing cabinets and turn your office paperless.  Or, how about the hassle of contacting your phone provider and having them install a business phone. Instead, use programs such as RingCentral that can be easily bought online and used through a simple internet connection.

Throughout the rest of the presentation, Jason continues to share how you can use cloud computing not only for the front end of your business but for the back end as well.  Using apps to manage the book keeping, accounting and more for your business.

If you haven’t started using cloud computing or are not sure how to use it in your business, watch this presentation and learn how your can grow your business with less.

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