14 Reasons Why Seth Godin’s Latest Book “Your Turn” Is A Must Read To Start the Year!

yourturnHappy New Year. Now ti’s time to get back to work and move your butt and take your business to BIGGER and BETTER things. I’d highly recommend you read Seth Godin’s latest book, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn“.

Seth’s book is not only a fun read, filled with big pictures and whimsical tidbits, but it’s also a serious education and inspirational piece about not being afraid to take action and cause a ruckus (one of Seth’s favorite words “ruckus”).

I put together 14 videos based on 14 key points that were most inspiring to me. You can read those at whatdodo13videos.com (don’t ask me why the domain has “13” in it).

Amongst his many topics he speaks about:

  1. Waiting to be picked
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Patience
  4. Having thick skin
  5. Being tired
  6. Work first, get recognized second
  7. A word to perfectionists
  8. Luck (no such thing)
  9. Being a creator (or not)
  10. Self education

You can watch the videos below or check them out here – whatdodo13videos.com

4 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Seth Godin’s Latest Book “Your Turn” Is A Must Read To Start the Year!

  1. Soulution Source

    Ramon – thanks for the energetic overview of Seth’s latest book. I am also a big fan of Seth’s work. In particular, Icarus Deception helped me to finally take action and start shipping. Seth’s description of the necessity of choosing yourself and the forces (including your own self doubt) that try to convince you not to, is so applicable to most people I know (and formerly to myself as well). I agree that this message is particularly poignent for Black people and other folks that have felt disenfranchised from the ability to generate wealth and power in America. Its a message of self-determination during a time when it is simpler than ever to create and ship. We can circumvent old gatekeepers and go directly to the audience of our choice. What an amazing opportunity! Renita (connect with me on Twitter @SoulutionSource)

  2. nhr2000

    Thanks for highlighting Seth’s latest book – his ideas are always insightful. Working my way through your videos!


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