Show Employee Appreciation with These 3 Tech Tools

employee appreciationIt’s a new year, and one way to get the year off to a great start is to take time to show your employees appreciation for all they’ve done for you in 2014, and all they will continue to do for you in 2015.

With crazy schedules and so much on the to-do list, it can be easy for bosses to forget the workers who make things a little smoother. Yet employee appreciation is an important part of retaining the best workers, and also an important way to attract new ones.

The concept is simple. Employees who work hard want to feel respected and appreciated, and these feeling contribute to their job satisfaction ratings. Happy employees will work harder and give more to the company, so if you can show employee appreciation regularly you can get a real positive cycle of hard work –> appreciation –> satisfaction that cycles over and over again to push your employees and business to a new level.

Regarding employee appreciation, Ramon Ray of Small Biz Technology and Smart Hustle magazine recently wrote an article regarding three technology tools that help bosses show appreciation for their best workers. To read about his tech recommendations for employee appreciation, visit this page.

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