Chocolate, Growth and Publicity: A Sweet Story of Success [Video]

Sarah Endline - sweetriot

At the 2014 Small Business Summit, Sarah Endline, CEO of sweetriot, makers of  natural, healthy, yummy chocolate treats and snacks created in a socially responsible way, shares how her small town upbringing influenced her entrepreneurial journey.  Starting with the vision for her business and then working her way through discovering her delicious, guilt free chocolate, Sarah shares how she has built her business in a small town style. It’s a sweet success story that includes chocolate, growth and a healthy dose of publicity.

As entrepreneurs, Sarah says it’s okay to be crazy, as most entrepreneurs are! Starting with a vision to be the next Ben and Jerry’s of the candy industry, Sarah started her entrepreneurial journey. Spending most of her childhood on her grandparents farm, Sarah knew that she wanted to develop a business that would support the healthy food movement and could could give back to local farmers.

Check out the full video of Sarah’s presentation here, or simply watch below.

After targeting chocolate as the center of the candy industry, Sarah knew that she wanted to explore this yummy treat more.   By doing some research and finding the soul of chocolate, the cacao fruit, she knew she wanted to stay true to this plant and continued to build her business from there.

As she faced the challenge of growing her own business, she says that when it comes to sales you should treat the world like a small town and care about everyone and their business, no borders, go global.  Doing just this was what landed sweetriot a spot on the shelves of Whole Foods.  By being open and listening, Sarah was able to make a deal with the manager right on the spot.

To check out the rest of Sarah’s small town lessons on growing your business and gaining publicity check out the full video of Sarah’s presentation!

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