The Dangers of the Self Inflicted Digital Divide – Will Your Business Be Left Behind?

1and1 digital divide videoAt a recent event hosted by web host 1and1 we discussed the digital divide of business. Not a divide of class, money or neighborhoods, but a digital divide of the mindset that some business owners phase. As technology gets cheaper, easier to use and more available, there will be a gulf between those growing businesses who embrace the power of technology and those who do not.

Money is NOT what keeps businesses from embracing technology – it’s a MINDSET to understand the power that technology has to make businesses better. To improve productivity, increase speed of communication, save money and other benefits.

While we need to focus on our business – producing product, working with customers, and hiring employees – we must also focus on our business by working on big picture tasks – such as how we can better use technology in our business.

If you’re a local design company and you’re using sticky notes to track customer projects, you’re going to be LESS efficient than your competitor who is using a task management tool.

Check out this two minute video and blog for more tips and thoughts on the digital divide.

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