Gamification. Is It Something You Should Consider? Five Reasons To Think About.

GamificationGamification enables companies to make “work” fun. Weather it’s getting money out of an ATM machine or having a cheery voice greet you at the gas pump – these are (kind of) ways that you make doing an action – engaging. Right?

I’ve ask Adam Hollander, CEO of FantasySalesTeam to share about this with us.

At FantasySalesTeam, we have a wide variety of customers.  We of course work with large enterprises like HP and CenturyLink.  But believe it or not, the large majority of companies that leverage our platform are small and medium businesses.  Everything from retail stores to software startups to car dealerships use FantasySalesTeam to motivate and engage their employees.  Here are five key reasons why any SMB should evaluate gamification:

Culture – Building a positive culture is of huge importance to any SMB company.  It’s how to attract the best employees and keep them as you continue to grow.  Making the workplace fun while also driving improved results is the dream of any small business owner.  Gamification, when implemented properly, can have a tremendous impact on workplace culture and engagement.

Results – Gamification is proven to drive meaningful results for SMBs.  Take this case study with Wireless Zone for example where they implemented gamification in a few of their retail locations across roughly 30 employees.  They saw a 176% improvement in results and a 9% increase in profit margin in just 30 days.   If that’s not reason enough to evaluate gamification, I don’t know what is.

Visibility –  Making everyone’s results highly visible is important in any company – but even more so in SMBs.  Each individual employee holds more weight on their shoulders – you can’t afford to have anyone not contributing.  When results are visible, employees react accordingly.

Teamwork – In any SMB, it’s essential to get your employees working together.  1+1=3 when you get everyone working towards a common goal.  Using gamification to get your employees working together as a team will have a profound impact.

Quick Win – Implementing gamification into an SMB is a very quick win.  With the right tool, you can have games up and running in a matter of hours and start seeing results within a matter of days.

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