New App Crowd Sources Shipping and Delivery of Consumer Items

Roadie Shipping AppHow often do you wish that instead of having to run out and grab last minute itesm like house paint, dog food or extra floor tile, that you could simply create a list and have it delivered directly to your door?  Well now you can, all thanks to the new shipping service, Roadie, the first neighbor-to-neighbor shipping service.

Roadie is a unique new service that essentially uses crowd sourcing to ship and deliver items from consumer to consumer. The concept is that if there is something that you need delivered, there is bound to be someone traveling in your direction that can grab the items you need and drop them off at your desired destination.  Whether it be the same day, next day or on weekends, Roadie provides a much friendlier, faster way of shipping.

In a recent article on the Endicia blog post, “Roadie: New App Puts Shipping in the Hands of Consumers” Ramon Ray shares the story of Roadie and how they are causing a disruption in the shipping industry, Roadie allows customers to create their list, called a Gig, including details of what they need shipped as well as the items origin and destination addresses. From there, Roadie will find a with a route that matches the user’s needs and shipping Roadies can decide which Gigs to accept and decline.

To find out more about Roadie and the disruption that it is causing in the shipping industry check out Ramon’s article on the Endicia blog, “Roadie: New App Puts Shipping in the Hands of Consumers”.


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