The 10 Best Invoicing Apps for Service-Based Businesses

invoicingName your favorite invoicing app or software for service-based businesses (please include a link) and explain why.

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1. Plasso

Doreen BlochPoshly uses Plasso, since it allows us to send and accept quick, secure and easy payments. Setting up payment forms and templates is very easy and there is no transaction fee. It integrates seamlessly with Stripe, too. Plasso alerts us as soon as a payment is sent, plus it’s just as easy for clients to use as it is affordable for the business to set up.

– Doreen BlochPoshly Inc.

2. vCita

Matt ShoupNot only does vCita allow you an easy-to-build and install website plugin, but it also has a phenomenal bookkeeping and money-collecting machine. vCita allows you to capture leads, flow them through your funnel, and bill and collect money, all in little to no time. You can set it up once and forget about it.

– Matt

3. Xero

Avery FisherAccounting isn’t sexy. Xero is the best of the unsexy set. Built for the cloud, we’ve migrated all of our accounting, invoicing, payroll and expense reimbursement over to Xero. We’re happy we did: the user experience is better than anything else out there and all functions are tightly integrated at a fraction of the price, instead of having each service purchased separately.

– Avery FisherRemedify

4. Intuit Field Service Management

Marjorie AdamsIntuit Field Service Management is amazing for the trades industry. It’s web- and app-based, and can connect to your QuickBooks financial file. Inventory tracking with workers on the go is always a difficult subject, but Intuit Field Service Management allows clients to maintain visibility into who is taking product from the warehouse and where the product is ending up.

– Marjorie AdamsAQB

5. FreshBooks

Andrew HoeftFor several years, we manually created invoices and emailed out PDFs to customers because we couldn’t find a software solution we liked. We now use FreshBooks and love it. Creating and managing invoices is simple and you get weekly or daily email updates. My favorite part is the automated email reminders where we mention upcoming late fees, which has led to quicker payments.

– Andrew HoeftPinpoint Software, Inc.

6. InDinero

Aaron SchwartzWe love using Indinero. The invoicing is simple and allows you to track all of your finances cleanly. While cash is the lifeblood of a startup, time is as critical as anything. What we love about InDinero is that invoices seamlessly fit into our financial books, saving lots of data entry time. It’s incredibly helpful to have everything in one place whenever we need to do sales analyses.

– Aaron SchwartzModify Watches

7. Wave

Cody McLainMaintaining a professional appearance and minimizing the hassle is important for any successful business. Wave comes with great support and a built-in accounting system — it makes billing the easiest part of the job.

– Cody McLainWireFuseMedia LLC


8. PayPal

Nick AndrewsI use PayPal for nearly all of my invoicing.  In just a few clicks you can create a professional invoice that can be paid with a credit card if necessary. PayPal also makes payments a breeze for all of my international clients by greatly simplifying and speeding up the process. Plus, any withdrawal from PayPal is credited to my business checking account the next day.

– Nick Andrews, ReviTrage

9. QuickBooks

Dustin CucciarreI really enjoy using QuickBooks Online. Not only do they offer an invoicing platform, but they also allow your clients to pay their invoices online with any major credit card. You can also access the QBO platform anywhere in the world, even on your mobile device.

– Dustin CucciarreBryghtAds Inc.


10. Harvest App

Jason GrillHarvest App is a great online time tracking and invoicing application. An awesome tool for small businesses and startups. Super easy to use and a very clean invoice look.

– Jason GrillJGrill Media | Sock 101

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  1. María Lucy Seta

    This is a great list, you might also want to check out a great software called InvoiceOcean ( What differentiates InvoiceOcean from other e-invoicing softwares is it’s universal and adaptable capabilities. The software has multiple languages versions and converts to all world currencies. It also adapts the template to local invoice requirements depending on which country you’re issuing an invoice to! 🙂


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