How To Treat Your True Love on Valentine’s Day – Customer Love in 5 Tips

LoveCustomersValentines day is almost here – a time to spread love and cheer to those we love. Let’s not forget about your customers – those people in your life who BUY from you. You need to always show them love, make them feel special and treat them well. They’ll buy from you again and again. Intercom’s CEO and Co-Founder Eoghan McCabe: shared with me some simple yet excellent ways small business entrepreneurs can delight and wow their customers: Check out “Attract, Sell, Wow”, a resource from Infusionsoft, for lots of ways to wow your customers.

  • Treat them as unique. You wouldn’t talk to a new girl/boyfriend the same way as one you’ve dated for years, and you wouldn’t talk to that quiet accountant like you would that partying yoga instructor. Likewise, with your customers, don’t use a one-size-fits-all communication strategy; personalize your customer communications based on their history with your company, use of your product, and other factors.
  • Talk WITH them, not TO them. Communication should always be two-ways, not a one-sided rant about how good your week was. Whenever communicating with customers—whether for marketing, sales, support, or anything else—make sure they can reply and engage in a conversation in some way.
  • Pay attention to what they do, not just what they say. Sometimes your partner might not tell you there’s a problem until they’re halfway out the door. Then you look back, and realize the signs were there all along – you just didn’t pay attention. Likewise, don’t just wait for customers to say they have a problem – monitor your product usage for signs of decreased engagement. Customers might not speak up to tell you they’re unsatisfied until they’ve already found someone else.
  • Pay extra attention early on. The first steps towards a long relationship are a good first few dates. Likewise, your customers’ first few sessions interacting with your product or service are crucial to fostering a long term relationship with them. Just like you would put your best foot forward for your first date, put significant effort into customers’ first experiences with your product. A good onboarding flow and quick help where needed early on can go a long way to establishing a long-term customer relationship.
  • Be accessible. Just like you wouldn’t make your partner jump through hoops to have a quick customer conversation, don’t put up obstacles to your customers getting in touch. Ticketed support portals or 1-800 numbers with automated menus make your customers feel more distant – consider simple support touch points, either through offering in-product help or quick Twitter support, to make them feel closer to you.

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