9 Great Pieces of Call-Tracking Software for Entrepreneurs

phone-call-trackingWhat is your favorite calltracking software and why?

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1. TalkDesk

Rob FultonI’m a big fan of TalkDesk simply because they lead the way on integrating other apps I’ve already been using into their software. They incorporate Shopify and ZenDesk, two truly innovative apps that are part of the foundation of productivity in my business. I don’t want to give these kind of things a second thought, and their customer service is incredible.

– Rob FultonExponential Black

2. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere

Cody McLainThis is the biggest calltracking software worldwide, and improves your contact rate (during a marketing campaign), while lowering cost per lead. You can set a preferred language, geographic location, skill or product type, so that your agents (who can work from anywhere) can convert every call into a sale. It offers call details, transaction history and call scheduling among other features.

– Cody McLainSupportNinja

3. Analytic Call Tracking

Chris BrissonAnalytic Call Tracking is a very inexpensive, yet robust platform to create, manage and track phone calls in your marketing campaigns. It uses Twilio so you can provision any phone number from any country in one click, track your metrics with Google Analytics, and dynamically insert different phone numbers for different campaigns. It’s the best I’ve seen yet!

– Chris BrissonCall Loop

4. SafeSoft

Kevin HenriksonSafeSoft can act as an inbound or outbound call center. But we use it today in blended mode which makes it super easy to keep all of our agents busy and more importantly, our customers happy.

– Kevin HenriksonAcompli (now Outlook iOS/Android @ Microsoft)

5. UberConference

Randy RayessUberConference is a great tool for call tracking as it allows you to conduct international calls, screen share and provides you with detailed call statistics after each call. The call stats feature is very useful for sales.

– Randy RayessVenturePact

6. Close.io

Robert de Los SantosClose.io is my favorite calltracking software. When a customer calls, all of their emails, recorded calls and past orders pop up. This allows my team to quickly review what was said/noted on previous calls, making us more helpful to our customers. The API allows for pushing and pulling of this data to all our other SAAS tools, too. They even have a sales pipeline to track and close opportunities.

– Robert De Los SantosSky High Party Rentals

7. CallRail

Sheldon MichaelCallRail has worked well in the past for us as it clearly defines the source or aggregation site that is being questioned as to performance or lack thereof. It dynamically changes the phone number on the landing page to reflect the source but still keeps the business in compliance as Google does not like to see multiple phone numbers. I have found this to be remarkable.

– Sheldon Michael, Netjumps International

8. Freshdesk

Miles JenningsFreshdesk is a great system for calltracking, customer service, ticketing and much more. This is one of our favorite platforms to work with because it allows our customer service to be a team effort. With a team shared inbox, private notes for internal communication and an easy-to-use mobile app, our customer service team is able to easily and effectively work together.

– Miles JenningsRecruiter.com

9. DialogTech

Andrew SaladinoDialogTech is a really simple and cheap call tracking software that takes only a few minutes to install. It doesn’t have all of the crazy features like some of the other services, but it gets things done and never gives me any problems.

– Andrew SaladinoKitchen Cabinet Kings

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  1. Stan Chris

    I believe the most important thing in call tracking is to increase your ROI, have a better Lead management. Consumers are using multiple devices on their path to purchase and so it’s vital that marketers track the entire visitor journey across all touch points to understand what activity is driving leads and more importantly which activity is driving phone calls. Call tracking can really help with this – http://bit.ly/1E2bmIO


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