Amazon Dash Button Makes At-Home Ordering Easier Than Ever

Amazon-Dash-Button-618x348Imagine that you’ve just finished doing laundry and realize that you’ve run out of detergent.  To replace it, you simply push a button and within the next couple of days a new container of laundry detergent is delivered directly to your home.  This is exactly what the new Amazon Dash Button is meant to do.

The invitation-only service was created to give select Prime members the ability to replace frequently ordered items with the push of a button.  Instead of creating time consuming grocery lists, and making inconvenient errand runs, Amazon is aiming to integrate every smart home with their Dash Button ordering service.

The convenience that the Dash Button brings to homes is the first of it’s kind. However, there are still some kinks to be worked out on the product. One of the flaws to the service is the obtrusiveness of the button. It’s quite bulky and highly visible and with the amount of items that can be found in the average home, it would imply that customers would need multiple buttons around their household to successfully order all of the items that they use.  There is also a limited selection of items that can be ordered using their service.  This can turn potential customers aways and would prove to beneficial to Amazon to expand their item selection and area of delivery to both rural and urban areas.

In this article on Endicia, “Could the Amazon Dash Button Be the Future of At-Home Ordering?”, Ramon Ray covers more of the pros and cons of Amazon’s new Dash Button and how individuals are integrating it into their every day lives.  Check it out to see if the new Dash Button ordering service is for you!

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