New App Turns Gmail Into a Collaboration and Project Management Tool

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.55.04 PMEmail is an important part of any business, but it’s certainly not the most collaborative tool in the world. Discussing and managing projects with email often results in disjointed conversations where everyone is not on the same page. Because of this, many business owners have opted for more collaborative project and customer management systems. But what if you didn’t have to learn a new system and there was a way to easily make your email more collaborative? A new company called GrexIt believes they have the solution and they are turning Gmail into a collaboration and project management tool!

GrexIt is a tool that works with Gmail and Google Apps. It allows you and your team to create shared labels that automatically sync to everyone’s inbox once they are given access. Within the shared labels, everyone can see the follow up emails and also comment using shared notes. It’s a way for all team members to work on specific tasks while also staying informed regarding all the other tasks and advances within the project.

How GrexIt Works

This example demonstrates how you can use GrexIt in your business:

  • An email comes in related to a specific aspect of your business. You can give it a label to identify it. (example Sales Lead, X Project, Customer Inquiry, etc)
  • You can then share this label with all relevant team members. The label will then appear in their Inbox and any email with this label will be automatically synced to their inbox so they have access too.
  • From there you can assign tasks from the main label simply by creating a second shared label. For example, you may create Task: John and Task: Ann labels, and assign specific emails with each label so each team member knows what they will be working on.
  • When a task is complete, a third label can be assigned (for example “Complete”). Therefore when John finishes a task you have assigned to him, he can simply add the Complete label so you and all other team members know the task status.
  • During the process you can also create shared notes regarding a particular email. Shared notes are also automatically synced so it is a quick and easy way for everyone to communicate on particular tasks.

With the use of shared labels and shared notes, GrexIt allows you to more effectively use your inbox. You can delegate responsibilities, collaborate with the team, check on the status of each assigned task, and sort/filter labels to quickly find the information you need.

You can learn more in the help/FAQ section here. Also, this quick one minute video shows you exactly how GrexIt works.

GrexIt Business Uses

There are many ways you could use GrexIt in your business, but some of the main ways are:

  • Project Management – Create a main label for the project (Project X). Create labels for all team members (Task: John; Task: Ann, etc) and a Status: Complete label that members can use when they finish a task. Now all aspects of the project can be assigned. All team members who have access to the Project X label can see all aspects of the project and know who is working on what. They can also communicate with each other using shared notes to move the tasks along.
  • Customer Support – Create a main Customer Support label and share it with your customer support team. As customer emails come in you would (1) assign it the Customer Support label so the team can see the new inquiry and (2) create a second label to assign it to a specific team member. When the issue is resolved, that team member can mark it with the Complete label.
  • Sales Leads – Create a Sales Leads label and share it with your sales team. When a lead comes in you can then create a second label to assign a certain person to that lead.


GrexIt has infused the aspect of collaboration that you find in other project management software in order to make an everyday tool like email more productive. It is currently used in more than 50 countries by over 1000 companies including names like and Pinterest. You can give it a try with their free 14 day trial and if you like it, plans range between $5 and $12 per user a month.

There are many tools for project management and customer support, but for business owners who want to better utilize their email for these aspects of business, GrexIt may be the tool for you.

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Jennifer Peaslee

Jennifer has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor, blogger and researcher.

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  1. Niraj Ranjan Rout

    Jennifer, Ramon, many thanks for the detailed write-up. I’m Niraj, Founder, GrexIt, and am really glad to see you wrote in such detail about all the use cases. I’ll keep you posted on future enhancements to our product. Thanks!


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