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anymeeting logoConference calls have always been a simple and efficient way to run business meetings with remote workers, but now AnyMeeting is making it even easier with a new service called

If you’re unfamiliar with AnyMeeting, let’s start with a quick background. AnyMeeting is a small business solution for conferencing that allows you to set up phone conferencing and a range of online conferencing options (web, video, webinars, etc). It is one of the simplest conferencing platforms because there are no downloads necessary – attendees just call the conference number or click on the meeting link to be transported to the conference. For years, thousands of small businesses have been using AnyMeeting to:

  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Conduct sales presentations
  • Consult with clients
  • Conduct online training
  • Provide online support
  • And for any other remote communication needs

Recently AnyMeeting added a new service that further simplifies conference calls –

To use you just create an email or calendar invitation and add your recipients. While doing so, also add to the invite list, then hit send. will take it from there, emailing you and everyone else the information they need to join the call. is a free service and anyone can use it, even if you don’t have an AnyMeeting account. To understand it better, I tried out a simple scenario: I emailed a friend with a “Conference Call” subject line and text that said “Meet me for a conference call at 2pm.”

(2) I included in the CC box

(3) I hit Send.

In less than a minute I received a RE: Conference Call response from AnyMeeting that included the conference call phone number and the pin to join the call. The whole process took only a minute to complete and my conference call meeting was set up and ready to go.

There is no cost to use but local long distance rates apply. They are also launching a similar system for online/web/video meetings using the address. To use this service you will have to sign up and choose an AnyMeeting meeting plan. There are four levels of online meeting plans – a free version for up to 4 attendees, an $18/month Meeting Pro plan for up to 30 attendees, and two Webinar Pro plans for 100 attendees ($78/month) or 200 attendees ($128/month).

AnyMeeting’s new services allow any small business to quickly schedule conferences with employees and clients. It is one example of many that demonstrates how technology is making running a small business more productive and efficient.

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