12 Recruiting Software Tools That Will Automate the Hiring Process

recruitingWhat recruiting software tool would you recommend to automate the candidate sourcing process?

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1. Greenhouse

Tarek PertewWhen I was first introduced to Greenhouse, the first thing I admired was how different it was from existing ATS systems and how obvious the product manager built something that answered modern needs efficiently, rather then improve existing (pretty poor) options. That’s probably why it’s so expensive. But it’s worth it.

– Tarek PertewUncubed

2. RemoteInterview

john ramptonRemoteInterview is a great resource that we have used to recruit the best tech talent in the world. We are able to see the work they are doing right there in front of us as they are doing it. This allows us to immediately screen the best candidates.

– John RamptonDue

3. Recruiterbox

James AveryIt’s affordable, simple and easy to use. It’s focused on email integration, which makes it easy to bring in all the people on your team who need to be a part of the process.

– James AveryAdzerk

4. TalentBin

Randy RayessTalentBin is useful because it doesn’t only let you manage the candidate follow up, but also allows you to reach out to and engage with passive candidates on various social media channels.

– Randy RayessVenturePact

5. Hired.com

Reuben YonatanHired helps me automate the sourcing process for qualified applicants from a pool of active candidates. More importantly, the applicants are far more engaged than I’ve seen on any other platform. They’ll actually tell me why they declined or passed on my offer, helping me better understand the job market for my needs. Plus, Hired offers employees a 2,000 dollar sign up bonus.

– Reuben YonatanGetVoIP

6. Hireology

Josh YorkI love this tool. It’s basically a free, personal assistant for hiring. It’s phenomenal for many reasons — most notably for making the process seamless.

– Josh York, GYMGUYZ

7. HackerRank

Vishal ShahHackerRank works brilliantly well for sourcing and hiring programmers. HackerRank has an existing active community of over a million developers who actively participate and solve coding challenges in order to get discovered, making it truly unique. Not only do you get an awesome product to interview andrecruit developers, but also a competitive pool of top developers to source from.

– Vishal ShahNoPaperForms

8. TheMuse.com

Chad HalvorsonAt When I Work, we enjoy using themuse.com. It allows candidates to get a quick view of our office space, available jobs and other features of the company. Our applicants are directed right to our HR person rather than through several forms.

– Chad HalvorsonWhen I Work

9. Bullhorn


Miles JenningsLooking to reach the utmost point of organization within your candidate sourcing process? Look no further than Bullhorn. This tool is fast, fully cloud-based, mobile-friendly and helps us never skip a beat in the recruitment industry. We never miss an important candidate meeting, and we know that we will always have the best talent on hand at all times.

– Miles JenningsRecruiter.com

10. Sourcing.io

Pratham MittalIf you are looking for software developer candidates, Sourcing.io is probably one of the best options out there. It crawls GitHub, Bitbucket and other developer communities like Stack Exchange to mine the top developers with the highest credibility and following. In addition to smart sourcing, it also provides a simple tracking system to help you take the candidate through the recruitment funnel.

– Pratham MittalVenturePact

11. Lever

Mattan GriffelLever makes it really easy for you to arm your team with the tools they need to submit and collaborate on new applicants in the hiring process. They have a one-click browser extension that lets people import candidates directly from places like LinkedIn, Angellist, Github and Twitter. And it’s used by big companies like Quora, Box, Lyft and Slack.

– Mattan GriffelOne Month

12. JobVite

Kuba JewgieniewAt Realty ONE Group we utilize JobVite as a recruiting source. It allows candidates to enter their information, which is then utilized to track their progress. The system also allows tracking by position so we can see what is doing well and what isn’t.

– Kuba JewgieniewRealty ONE Group

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3 thoughts on “12 Recruiting Software Tools That Will Automate the Hiring Process

  1. Justin Dennis

    I would also add Breezy HR (https://breezy.hr) to the list, it’s a more affordable alternative with a free trial and pay as you go pricing, which can be better suited for companies of 5-50.


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