Infusionsoft Quiz Tells You What Type of Entrepreneur You Are

landing page image2Knowing that all entrepreneurs are not created equal, Infusionsoft recently went on a quest to discover what makes entrepreneurs different and what makes them tick. They surveyed nearly 850 entrepreneurs and small business owners and then analyzed all the data. What they found – there are four general ‘types’ of entrepreneurs.

Check out this quick video to see more about the study and how you can find out what type of entrepreneur you are:

So, are you ready to take the quiz and find out what type are entrepreneur you are? Do you think you are a Freedom Seeker, Passionate Creator, Legacy Builder or a Survivor?

Based on results of the study,  here’s where those surveyed fell between the four types:

test results

So, did you take the quiz? What type of entrepreneur are you? Share with us in the comments below!!

One thought on “Infusionsoft Quiz Tells You What Type of Entrepreneur You Are

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