Facebook Schmoozing Small Business to Sell More Ads

Man Sitting At The Macbook Retina With Site Facebook On The ScreIf you are a small business, odds are that you have a Facebook page set up for your business to help promote your products and services and to interact with your customers and clients. And while the platform provides many marketing advantages to businesses, in many ways it fell short, mostly because Facebook’s focus for many years was on the personal experience. Well that’s all changing and Facebook is starting to schmooze small business by offering more functionality in hopes for increasing ad sales.

In a recent article I wrote for the Endicia blog, I outline a number of new tools that Facebook is introducing for small business, including:

The new Facebook for Business page outlines all the tools and tactics small business can use to help them with their marketing.

To learn more about the changes at Facebook, you can read my full article on the Endicia blog HERE.

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