Hootsuite Ads Takes the Guesswork and Stress Out of Facebook Advertising

Hootsuite AdsFacebook is an integral part of marketing for businesses large and small. Over 30 million small businesses use the platform for organic social media marketing and in February, 2015, Facebook announced that there are over two million who use their advertising services. As organic reach declines, more and more businesses are looking to Facebook ads to boost their online presence. However, setting goals, choosing the right post, and creating a successful campaign can be tricky.


Enter Hootsuite Ads, a service that facilitates Facebook ad creation so you can stop wasting money and advertise with confidence.

Hootsuite Ads was officially launched in mid-May as a new tool that can take your top performing Facebook content and transform it into promoted posts. The service takes the stress and guesswork out of creating high-impact advertising, using automation to simplify the process. Here’s how it works:

(1) Start by choosing a goal for your advertising. For example, you may want to reach more people, get more followers, drive engagement, or increase your web traffic.

(2) Hootsuite Ads takes that goal and finds your best organic Facebook posts that match the objective, allowing you to choose a top performing post to use in your advertisement.

(3) After you choose your post, Hootsuite Ads then suggests a budget, target audience and duration that will work for your ad.

(4) Once your promoted posts are live, you can manage them right from your Hootsuite dashboard, with simple metrics that can help you judge performance and measure success.

While you still have to pay for your actual Facebook ads, the Hootsuite Ads service that helps you set them up is completely free with any Hootsuite account (even the free version). You can learn more about Hootsuite Ads here, or by watching the video below.

Hootsuite Ads makes creating Facebook ads as simple as two clicks, saving you time and stress in creating the perfect advertisement for your business. With two million businesses (including your competitors) already using Facebook Ads, Hootsuite Ads makes it easy for you to jump into Facebook marketing today.

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