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SuperTasker logoSmall business equals small staff, a fact that has many benefits but also some drawbacks. For example, at some point you’ve likely encountered tasks that go beyond your team’s skill set or available time, causing you to hire outside freelancers or independent contractors to complete the work. With the growth of platforms, finding a qualified freelancer is easier than ever before. However, it does present some difficulties, such as the process of selecting the right worker, setting prices and the length of delivery time.

Fortunately a new outsourcing platform called SuperTasker has a solution.

SuperTasker is a platform that streamlines outsourcing to make it easier and faster than ever before. It is a one-stop-shop for all your digital tasks. Just select a task from the list and the SuperTasker algorithm will select the perfect freelancer for your project. The task will then be completed right away, typically under one day and even as fast as one hour.

About SuperTasker Freelancers

SuperTask has simplified outsourcing by finding quality freelancers and automatically assigning them to your tasks. Taskers are hand-picked by SuperTasker and are held to strict quality standards. Taskers receive scores from internal metrics as well as customer reviews. If a Tasker’s score drops below a certain level, they are dismissed from the platform. SuperTasker also wants to see its freelance workers improving and moving up in rank. For this reason, if a Tasker fails to move up in rank they will also get removed, regardless of their score. These checks are designed to maintain the quality of work you receive when you outsource with SuperTasker.

The SuperTasker Task List

So what tasks can you outsource to SuperTasker? Pretty much anything in the digital realm, including:

  • Websites fixes for WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.
  • Graphics tasks such as creating custom images, logos, infographics and more.
  • Advertising tasks like business cards, flyers, brochures, email templates and SEO analysis.
  • Web content such as blog posts, press releases, SEO articles and email newsletters.
  • Video & audio tasks like voiceovers, transcriptions and video editing.
  • Social buzz tasks including tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments.

You can see a full list of SuperTasker tasks here.

SuperTasker Timing

SuperTasker is designed to streamline the process of outsourcing so your tasks can be completed quickly. Each of the tasks in their task list has timing information so you know when you can expect the work – and for most tasks you can expect delivery in one day or less. For example, WordPress fixes are delivered in one hour, a 400-word blog post can be sent to you in three hours, and you can get an infographic created in one day.

SuperTasker Pricing

SuperTasker has standardized the system to offer specific tasks, completed quickly, at set prices you can rely on. Each task in the task list has a set price so you know what you are paying. For example, the one-hour WordPress fix is $20, a custom image is $25, and a 400-word SEO article is $45 dollars.

In addition to these individual tasks, SuperTasker also offers a subscription service for WordPress fixes. Plans include four one-hour fixes for $49/month, or unlimited WordPress fixes starting at $69/month.

SuperTasker Solutions for Small Business

SuperTasker can help small business owners quickly complete tasks when their own staff does not have the skills or time to take on the task. By streamlining outsourcing, SuperTasker can take away your limitations, giving you access to quick, quality work for your digital projects.

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