Xerox Introduces Android Plugin to Make Mobile Printing Easier Than Ever

mobile printingMobile is no longer just a growing trend, it’s becoming a way of life for many, including today’s worker. With three out of five workers saying they no longer need to be in the office to be productive, it’s clear that those who aren’t jumping on the mobile bandwagon are going to get left in the dust. This includes business software and product companies – especially those in the printing sector. Understanding this, Xerox is staying ahead of the curve and recently released their new Print Service Plug-In for Android, making mobile printing on the go, or in the office, easier than ever!

With the upward swing of mobile use and BYOD, it’s imperative that workers don’t lose functionality and productivity when working from their mobile devices. The infographic below shows  just how many people are moving to mobile and requiring easier, and increased, functionality from mobile apps.

xerox mobile printing

While printing from standard desktops and laptops was typically quite simple and only required the download of a driver, mobile devices are not configured in this same way, making mobile printing a bit of a challenge. Xerox has simplified the process with their new android plugin. The plugin will allow Android users to print from their smartphones to Xerox printers and Google Android phones will now come with printing technology embedded in the phone so long as it is The KitKat (4.4) version or above.

Find out more about this new technology in the full article, “Why Mobile Printing is Invading the Office – A Look at Xerox’s New Android App”, and see how the new plugin will effect printing in and out of the office as well as a video on what features the plugin offers.

The result of the plugin allows individuals to be better connected  and better integrated between devices.  To find out more about the Xerox Print Service Plug-In for Android check out Ramon’s article here.

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