9 SaaS Products Perfect for Business-Based Voice Communications

What’s one SaaS product that your business can’t live without for your voice communication needs and what makes it so important to your business?

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1. Ring Central

Jonathan LongWe use Ring Central because it eliminates the need for an on-premise PBX in order to have a complete enterprise phone system. The cloud gives the same capability at a fraction of the cost. The mobility it offers is excellent: we can literally take our entire phone system out of the office, forwarding calls to our mobile devices and monitoring all activity through the app.

– Jonathan LongMarket Domination Media

2. TollFreeForwarding

Marcela DeVivoUsing a virtual PBX phone system and TollFreeForwarding has allowed us to expand our business considerably. By establishing local and toll-free numbers in a variety of countries, we can market to international audiences and serve them in their own language. Even though all of the phone lines forward to our US offices, each line has a native speaker who is able to help individuals in a variety of countries.

– Marcela DeVivoNational Debt Relief

3. Grasshopper

Rob FultonWe use Grasshopper because it protects the personal phone numbers of our employees who answer phones and reach out to customers. It’s also easily integrated into a voice command system where the employees using the system are only one click away from connecting with customers and vice versa. I’ve always used it and have never had any complaints about their user interface.

– Rob FultonAudioLumin™

4. Google Hangouts

Nanxi LiuWe are fans of Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts are the easiest way to quickly voice and video chat with one or more people both within or external to the organization. Powerful tools like the ability to host live hangouts — which stream to YouTube and directly ring phone numbers into a conference — make it even more versatile. Best of all, it’s free.

– Nanxi LiuEnplug

5. Sqwiggle

Randy RayessSwiggle is great for remote teams as not only can you communicate with the rest of your team, you can easily engage with them throughout the work day. They have an innovative product with click-to-talk and instant video. This allows you to stay in close contact with your team and build a strong remote culture.

– Randy RayessVenturePact

6. HipChat

Chad HalvorsonWe utilize HipChat as a company. It keeps everyone connected so even our remote workers feel like they’re not missing out on anything. If we didn’t have HipChat, we would be less productive because we would have to halt projects to set up a meeting in order to ask simple questions or solve quick problems.

– Chad HalvorsonWhen I Work

7. CallRail

Pratham MittalCallRail is a call center in the cloud tool that not only helps provide a professional customer experience, but also allows us to use detailed call based analytics. We like it because we can now track the specific origin of our leads down to a landing page or even a campaign. We can integrate it with our CRM and even make automatic calls to leads as soon as they fill out a form.

– Pratham MittalVenturePact

8. Skype

jared-brownOur staff is based remotely around the world, and Skype wins for its universality. Everyone knows it and knows how to use it. It’s cost effective for our business, and our clients prefer using it to some of the newer voice communication SaaS products. We use it for company and team-wide chats, voice and for transferring small files. We haven’t needed to look elsewhere for communication tools.

– Jared BrownHubstaff

9. Switch

Danny BoiceSwitch is a virtual phone system made by the same guy that invented Google Voice and UberConference. Switch has a simple and clean user interface, as well as all of the features and functionality that you hope for in a modern phone system. It never ceases to amaze me how far telecom has lagged behind in terms of features and functionality. Switch gives me hope!

– Danny BoiceTrustify

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