Data Is Nice. Information Is Better. Microsoft Release Analytics Tool for Small Businesses

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

We business owners are drowning in data – from our financial software, to marketing, to our HR software and more. Seeing and measuring our key performance indicators is not always easy – but it’s an important part of growing and managing our businesses.

Microsoft has recently release a new tool, “Power BI” to give small business owners a fresh way to visualize their data and make better decisions.

According to a Microsoft at Work blog post:

At its core, Power BI is a centralized hub that allows users to easily pull in, visualize and interpret the vast amount of data that their business generates on a daily basis. SMBs use a wide range of tools and services to run the different aspects of their business. By generating unified charts, graphs, maps and statistics, Power BI allows users to spot trends that would be difficult or impossible to identify by looking at an unorganized assortment of different spreadsheets and dashboards.

Check out more details on Microsoft’s blog here.

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