Elance Is Shutting Down. I’ll Miss It. Will You?


I’ve used Elance for many years to find great talent to help me build SmallBizTechnology, Small Business Summit and Smart Hustle Magazine.

It’s been a great platform to not only find talent, but also to manage talent and ensure your tax obligations are fully paid.

Elance writes about this in their blog here.

Elance and Odesk joined together and it looks like the result of that new company is Upwork.

  • When using free lance workers, here’s a few tips:
  • Know very clearly what you want your consultant to do.
  • Interview them and get references.
  • Test them and ensure they can do the work.
  • Have regular discussions and updates.

6 thoughts on “Elance Is Shutting Down. I’ll Miss It. Will You?

  1. Vivinne Williams

    Great tips Ramon. As a top freelancer on Elance now Upwork- the move is exciting and challenging for us- hopefully we won’t lose clients in the shuffle. The best tip you gave is:

    Know very clearly what you want your consultant to do.” Especially when writing up the job ad. This is key for accurate quotes and to attract the right worker.

    But I want to add this caveat: once that is done read the proposals carefully AND don’t discount the ones that ask further questions or even have suggestions. As Ramon what happens is often a client is not clear on what they actually need- they may of course have a limited understanding of the issue. So my suggestion is to trust the freelancers that ask clarifying questions. They are the ones that are thinking of what is best for the client and then making recommendations based on that intake.

    Vivinne W.



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