Email Security. Carefully Review Emails. Hackers Love Email Hacking

Secure your email. Be vigilant of

Ever get an email that refers to PayPal or your bank? You look closely at the email and realize that it’s a phishing email from a hacker. It’s not but or something a little more subtle.

Be careful of any email you receive asking you to click on something – or an email that instructs you to do something such as wire money or do some other financial or personally invasive action.

The Wall Street Journal writes, George Kurtz, chief executive of CrowdStrike Inc., an Irvine, Calif., cybersecurity firm that investigated the loss, said it appears that malicious software implanted on the broker’s computer allowed the crooks to collect passwords that provided access to the broker’s email system, and then to falsify wire-transfer instructions for a legitimate purchase. “Given that the money has been moved out several times, there is no hope of recovering it,” said Mr. Kurtz.

  • Install and properly configure security software on all servers and entry points
  • Hire a security expert to audit your computers
  • Train employees to be vigilant and wary
  • Work with your vendors to ensure THEIR computing infrastructure is setup

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