Flash On Your Web Site? It’s Old and Insecure and Browsers Are Blocking It.

Get Flash it off your web site. -No one-

At one point in the history of digital content marketing – Flash was king. But that era was over YEARS ago and replaced with HTML 5 and other technologies. Guess what? Due to security flaws with Flash, Google and Mozilla are blocking older versions of Flash on their browsers.

The NY Times writes, “Long used to animate websites and play online videos, Flash has become equally known for security flaws and slowing down websites. Steve Jobs famously refused to allow Flash to be installed on iPhones and iPads, in part, because of security concerns. Over time, other animation tools have become widely used by many sites and browsers.”

If you’re using a DIY web site service like Wix or Squarespace – you’re ok. But if your developer made your web site a long time ago and hasn’t updated it recently – be sure there’s no Flash.


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