Intuit Exec Joins Infusionsoft Small Business Marketing Company

Intuit Exec Joins Infusionsoft

Intuit Exec Joins InfusionsoftWhile Apple leads in consumer mobile design, Intuit leads in small business accounting software and other solutions.

Like many large companies who’ve been many years in business, there are many former Intuit executives leading other companies. One of these executives, Terry Hicks, has joined small business sales and marketing software company Infusionsoft.

According to Infusionsoft’s press release, Hicks brings deep insight, knowledge, and understanding of small businesses and how to meet their rapidly evolving technology needs.

During his 15 years at Intuit, Hicks served in a variety of general management and product leadership roles in the Small Business Group and Global Business Division. He established from the ground up to the now $600 million payments business, and most recently, prior to joining Infusionsoft, focused on accelerating worldwide customer growth as the vice president and general manager of QuickBooks Online.

Terry’s role at Infusionsoft is pretty big, to lead their global product strategy, including product management, payments and business development and more.

Intuit’s pedigree of being able to adapt, such as their evolution from Quickbooks for the desktop computer to one more focused on Quickbooks Online and creating a variety of “apps” to help small businesses is amazing. It’s not easy to innovate, but Intuit has continued to do so and create great products.

Terry has a big job ahead of him, to accelerate and continue Infusionsofts growth in providing solutions to small businesses.

While Infusionsoft is the leader in small business sales and marketing software, the market is crowded and will continue to get more crowded as more and more established companies and upstarts seek to offer varying degrees of CRM solutions to small businesses.

There’s three things Terry needs to do, to continue to help Infusionsoft succeed, taking a play book from Intuit:

  • Grow and innovate a thriving and improved ecosystem for Infusionsoft, embodied in its marketplace
  • Create software as easy to use and well designed as Quickboks Online
  • Seek and build other growth opportunities, such as payments



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